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The Team - Our Mission

Our mission is to developed next generation p2p/p2p2p network(s) that help their users to Get Connected_ and Get What They Want_. Doing this while keeping the network secure, scaleable, fast, friendly, and efficient. To help people Get Educated_ in the ways of p2p and legal issues. Finally to help p2p users to Get Involved_ in the networks they use.

The Team - Members

  • John G. Havlik (a.k.a. mtekk)

    member: GPNet^2, GASSPS, GPCPromo
    founder, technical writer, developer, major contributor

    • John is the one who has done 90% of the writing and about 78% of the thinking behind Gramps. He is the founder of the project, and the project leader. He's also the person currently nicknamed Gramps in the project.

  • James M. Weirick (a.k.a. Jmweirick)

    member: GPNet^2, GASSPS, GPCPromo
    major contributor, alpha/beta tester

    • James is our full time tester, and person to bounce ideas off of. When someone thinks of an idea John and James decide if it is a good idea and if it's a practical idea. He's also the stand in expert for the Gramps Group if for some reason John isn't there.

  • Thaspian (a.k.a. Thaspian)

    member: GPNet^2, GASSPS, GPCPromo
    major contributor, alpha/beta tester

    • Thaspian is another tester, mainly for the Linux platform. He is also a self proclaimed genius who will do anything to help fight against the RIAA.

  • Spica (a.k.a. Spica)

    member: GPNet^2
    major contributor

    • Spica is the "father of p2p2p", p2p2p and it's related theories were devised by this Gnutella user who has almost completly disappeared. Some components of projects that are run by the Gramps Group are dedicated to Spica.

The Team - Becoming

Want to become a team player? All you have to do is contribute to any of the Group's projects. Either giving us ideas for making the specs work, feature ideas, ect, or contributing time to developed clients that have full support for the three major projects. Just fill out the form in the contact us page and we'll get back to you on how you can help.

The Team - Gracias

A special thanks (Gracias) goes out to these other organizations/corporations who have helped support the Gramps Group.

  • Mtekk Systems

    Financial support, web support, web design, personnel talent

    • Mtekk systems has sponsored the Group since the beginning. They have always been there. Why are they doing this? Because we are offering to bring the future to the masses, besides that they will be handling the GPCPromo account management, which will allow them to make money to help pay back what they are giving us.

  • DMusic Networks, LLC

    Content, information, community support

    • DMusic Networks LLC and their members have been very creative and supportive of our projects. George from over at Boycott-riaa (DM Net member) has done a great job at informing the public of the evils of the RIAA. He is one of our most creditable sources for p2p information in regards to the RIAA.

  • SourceForge.net Logo

    web space, project host

    • Our current web space and project space has been provided by SourceForge, and this help is greatly appreciated, we get 100% free space with no ads and php support which will help in the near future.

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