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Gramps Peer Network^2 is the primary focus of the Gramps Group. This new third generation p2p (rather p2p2p) network is designed to do what others such as Gnutella can't. No other network is capeable of being 99.999% scaleable at a size of over 10 million nodes, KaZaA can't even access 50% of it's 1.6 million nodes.


Gramps Automated Synchronization of Sources and Partial Sources is a method developed by the Gramps Group that utilizes a automated synchronization and tranfer system that uses partial sources on multiple computers to make up the entire file to make full file sharing unnecessary by nodes.


Gramps Peer Content Promotion formerly known as "Gramps L3" and G^3 before that is a powerful tool that takes GASSPS and makes it usefull for commercial and promotional uses. GPCPromo makes it easier for users to find new content that has beeen released to the network by the creator of the content.

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